SUNY Albany -Hawley Library

Albany, NY

Sage Engineering Associates designed an air conditioning and ventilation system for a historic building currently used as a library.  The new system was integrated into the building so that no mechanical system equipment was exposed in the spaces of historic character.  Project phasing was required to permit continued building occupancy during the period of construction.  Air conditioning systems were designed to provide space comfort for the occupants, and to provide dehumidification for the protection of historic murals in the main reading room.

Project Features Included:

  • New Rooftop Air Conditioning Units
  • A New Split System Air Conditioning Unit
  • New VAV Controls for Offices
  • Equipment Installation without disturbance to Building Historic Envelope

Johnstown Public Library

HVAC Renovation

Johnstown, New York


Sage Engineering Associates, LLP was retained by the Johnstown Public Library to evaluate the feasibility and cost of installing a central air conditioning system to serve the original historic 1902 Carnegie Library with mezzanine, and its 1995 addition totaling approximately 9,300 GSF.  Previously  the facility was heated only.

Upon completion of the feasibility study, Sage completed the construction bid documents, and the project was bid and constructed.

Features of the feasibility study and the final design included:

  • Heating and Cooling Load Calculations
  • Evaluation of the Suitability of Existing 2” Gas Service    and 400A 120/208V Service to Support the New HVAC System as well as the Availability of Space in the Attic to Route Ductwork and Piping
  • Identified Probable Routing of Mains, Duct, Piping, and Conduit
  • Opinion of Probable Construction Cost
  • Estimate of O&M Costs
  • Direct Digital Control System
  • Pressurization controls to reduce infiltration through the original historic building envelope.

AE Smith State Office Building

Albany, New York


Sage Engineering Associates, LLP provided plumbing, design services for the complete renovation of this 560,000 square foot, 34-story office historically-significant building, including a ground floor kitchen, as well as interior fitup services throughout the building for HVAC, electrical, fire alarm, fire protection, and plumbing systems.  Sage also provided mechanical and electrical engineering construction phase services.

Project features included:

  • Detailed Mechanical and Electrical Coordination Activities During Construction
  • Security Initiative Designs
  • Complete Plumbing System Design
  • Electrical and HVAC Interior Design
  • Renovation of Emergency Power System
  • Coordination with Utility Providers
  • Ground Fault Design

CDTA Rensselaer Rail Station

Rensselaer, NY

Sage Engineering Associates, LLP provided engineering design services for a new 80,000 square foot passenger terminal for AMTRAK train and bus transportation.

Project Features Included:

  • Metered Primary Electrical Service with 1000 kVA Substation, Switchgear, and Generator, as well as a 2500 kVA Substation and Switchgear for AMTRAK
  • Site Primary (13.2 kV) Power Distribution
  • Site Lighting and System for Traffic and Parking Fee Collection
  • Fire Alarm
  • Tenant Metering
  • Sound System
  • Lighting with Energy Management at Control System
  • Closed-circuit Security Cameras
  • Concourse Special Theatrical Lighting with Color Gels, Gobos, and Moving Light for Special Effects

Design of New Maintenance Garage

Rotterdam, New York

Sage Engineering Associates, LLP provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design services for the construction of a new 40,000 SF maintenance garage for Schenectady County.  The project included 15,000 square feet of office space and 25,000 square feet of maintenance facility as well as radiant floor heating systems in the garage areas; air conditioning, heating and ventilation in the office areas; and a complete fire sprinkler system.

Albany International Airport

Terminal Expansion

Albany, New York

Sage Engineering Associates, LLP provided engineering design services for a new 16,000 SF, $6.5 million expansion of the main terminal building.  This design was fast-track in nature with equipment selections and orders placed prior to the completion of design.  Complicated site issues required resolution due to the close adjacency of an existing building that was pending future demolition, as well as to the presence of sub-surface utility mains that serve the entire airport terminal building.

Project features included:

  • Plumbing
  • Fire Protection
  • HVAC including a $100,000 Expansion of the Existing Facility DDC Controls System
  • Wet-pipe Fire Sprinkler System
  • Electrical Power Distribution and Lighting
  • Extended Chill Water System
  • Extended Fire Alarm System
  • Extended Sound System
  • Extended Security System with Card Access

Renovate Public Safety Building

City of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, New York


Sage Engineering Associates, LLP provided engineering design services for the renovation of this early 1970s 50,000 SF concrete and steel building consisting of two (2) floors and a basement.  The scope of work included multiple prime contracts.

Following completion of the Master Plan, Sage Engineering designed the first phase recommended under this Plan.

Project features included:

  • Upgrade Main Mechanical Room to meet ASHRAE Standard 15 Requirements
  • New Air Filters to All Air Handling and Fan Coil Units
  • Replace Boilers and Hot Water Pumps
  • Convert Hot Water Piping System to Primary/secondary
  • Replace Existing Roof Mounted Air-cooled Condensing Unit with Roof Mounted Evaporative Condenser
  • Provide DDC System to Control Air Handlers and Boiler and Chilled Water Plants
  • Provide Gas Fired Radiant Heat System to Serve Apparatus Bay
  • Provide Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Fan and Makeup Air Unit Serving Fire Department Kitchen
  • Replace Emergency Generator and Identified Fixtures, Lamps, and Ballasts
  • Relocate/replace Panels, Disconnects, and Combination Motor Starters
  • Install Panel, Variable Speed Drives, Conduit, Wire, and Miscellaneous Materials to Support Installation of HVAC Equipment
  • Remove/install Wiring Devices and Appliances to Support Construction Renovations.

St. Mary’s Church

New Connector

Waterford, NY

Sage Engineering Associates, LLP provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services for the $850,000 connector addition between the existing church and parish center buildings.  The 7,200 square foot space included an additional seating area, lounge area, daily mass chapel, baptismal font, and restroom facilities.  Consideration was given to integrating new building systems while maintaining the character of the existing space.

The Church of Saint Clare

Study and Design for Sanctuary Air Conditioning

Albany, New York

Sage Engineering Associates, LLP provided a feasibility study and subsequent design services to air-condition the main sanctuary and a separate chapel space.  System considerations included space acoustics, operating cost, first cost, phased installation and impact on building exterior and interior fabric.

Faith Baptist Church

Master Planning and Study

Rexford, New York

Sage Engineering Associates, LLP provided master planning services, which programmed and conceptualized $2,500,000 in renovations and additions.  The plan was formally adopted by the congregation and work was completed over a ten year period. Projects included a new exit stairwell, new sanctuary siding, new sanctuary exterior features and a new Christian Education wing.