Provide Summer Boiler and Stack Gas Economizers

Stratton VA Medical Center

Albany, New York


Sage Engineering Associates, LLP provided engineering design services for the installation of a summer firetube boiler and stack gas economizers in three existing watertube steam boilers.

Project features included:

  • Facility heating study including calculations of existing and future building heating demands to determine heating plant capacity requirements and estimated energy savings associated with the project.
  • Installation of a 400 boiler horsepower, 125 psig firetube steam boiler for summer use including all associated piping and controls.
  • Installation of stack gas economizers in three existing 800 boiler horsepower water tube steam boilers.
  • Additions to the boiler chemical treatment system.
  • Carbon dioxide and combustible gas detection system.
  • Boiler combustion control system with touchscreen graphics and interface to the existing plant SCADA system.

Upgrade Central Heating Plant

State University of New York at Oneonta

Oneonta, New York


Sage Engineering Associates, LLP provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for the rehabilitation of various central steam components, including;

  • Replacement of two 200 HP firetube boilers
  • Replacement of central plant chemical treatment systems
  • Replacement of domestic water piping
  • Replacement of boiler makeup water piping
  • Replacement of existing, and installation of new, additional backflow preventers
  • Replacement of plant floor drains
  • Replacement of boiler blowdown piping

Replace High Temperature Hot Water Generator

State University of New York at Plattsburgh

Plattsburgh, New York

Sage Engineering provided engineering design services for the replacement of an existing 70M BTU high temperature hot water boiler with a new 50M BTU replacement.  The project also included the installation of a plant-wide SCADA system, the installation of a new boiler plant overhead door, and new building access through the overhead door.

Replacement of Boiler #2 Richardson Hall Dormitory

University at Albany Downtown Campus

Albany, New York

Sage Engineering Associates, LLP completed a Master Plan Study for growth of the low pressure steam boiler plant including increasing overall steam capacity and replacing existing boilers over the next several years.  The State University at Albany was concerned that the space requirements of replacement central plant heating equipment might be annexed by other projects being undertaken by several other university agencies, and therefore retained Sage to determine present and future space requirements in the boiler plant.  Sage Engineering successfully determined and defined the present and future real estate requirements of plant equipment resulting in consensus decision making by all parties.

Following completion of the Master Plan, Sage Engineering designed the first phase recommended under this Plan, which involved the replacement of Boiler #2.

Project features included:

  • New dual-fuel steam boiler and burner controlled from existing boiler plant master controller.
  • New access catwalks required for boiler service.
  • Phased construction to permit continuous use of the boiler plant during winter construction of the new boiler.

Renovate Steam Heat Plant and Replace UG Steam Piping

State University College of Technology

Delhi, New York

Sage Engineering Associates, LLP provided design services to:

  • Estimate Future Load per Campus Master Plan
  • Install 600 HP Fire Tube Boiler in the Main Heating Plant
  • Provide New Boiler Feedwater Pumps
  • Reinforce the Mezzanine in the Boiler Plant
  • Replace Direct Buried Ricwil Steam and Condensate Distribution System, approximately 1,100 linear feet
  • Provide New  #2 Oil Burners and Controls on Three (3) Existing 350 HP Boilers in Boiler Plant
  • Provide New SCADA System to Serve the Boilers in the Boiler Plant
  • Provide Building Addition to Central Heating Plant for Shop and Environmental Storage Areas

Replace High Temperature Hot Water Heating System

Sullivan Correctional Facility

Fallsburg, New York

Sage Engineering Associates, LLP designed a new high temperature hot water heating plant complete with full redundancy, new heat exchangers, pumps, pressure control systems, expansion control systems, controls, water treatment deaerator systems, surge tank, and electrical distribution.  A new heating plant addition was designed to permit construction during continued operation of the existing system with staged cutover to the new system.  The new plant included two stage heat exchangers to permit preheat of return water for condensate temperature reduction.  Electrical design included new power distribution switchboards inside the power plant.